Something To Think About by Ellen.

If you think your governor’s only motivation is to strip you of your LIBERTY, want things “back to normal” to save our ECONOMY, believe the virus is just like the FLU, would you be willing to forgo any healthcare if you or someone in your household falls ill to COVID-19?

It will be our healthcare providers and healthcare system WHO HAVE PAUSED ELECTIVE SURGERIES to help better serve all of us during the pandemic. It is these healthcare providers who will be left to pickup the pieces when there’s a rise in cases.

REMEBER: staying home and keeping our distance is TEMPORARY. We need more time to combat this novel virus, which will only thrive the more people insist on being together. And all of this sacrifice will go down the tubes with your “rebellion”.

So maybe those of you willing to take a chance with your health and *everyone you’re in contact with* would be willing to not seek medical help if you or your close love ones get sick?

Something to think about.

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